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Just Sail Away...

If you're looking for tropical breezes,
breathtaking scenery and warm turquoise waters,
cruise to the Islands of the Caribbean
during any month of the year. With consistently
beautiful weather and so many inviting
ports-of-call, the Caribbean is an ideal destination
for vacationers lookin for an exotic escape.

The region's powdery white-sand beaches
are irresistible perfect for swimmers, snorkelers
and sunbathers alike.
But there's more to each island than just
sun, sand and sea. Winding mountain roads offer
gorgeous ocean views and lush rainforests are home
to beautifully exotic flora and fauna.You'll even
find manicured golf courses, proper shopping
districts and world-class cuisine.

There's truly something for everyone. Plus,
cruising to the Caribbean offers ultimate vacation
value. You'll visit multiple ports of paradise
and only unpack once.

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