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Hunting, it's built into our genes. Many centuries ago, our ancestors wandered and hunted the African landscape amongst an overwhelming abundance of wild animals. In each of us is a primal urge to experience Africa for ourselves, even if it is from the safety of a Land Rover and the luxury of private, room-sized tents.

African Photo Safari was conceived 10 years ago when a hunting ban was placed on tourist safaris. Hunting with a camera not only protected the animals and helped the endangered species, but, allowed the hunter to bring home trophies (photos) of the animals in their natural living state.

Africa's a big place, so just where do you go? The big three in my mind are Tanzania's Serengeti, Kenya's Masai Mara, and Botswana's Okavango. Of these, Masia Mara Game Reserve is regarded by many as the Big Kahuna (sorry, wrong continent). If you want to see migrations, visit the Mara in early September, though since everyone else in the world is doing the same thing, it's not very conducive to creating great photographs. A better idea is to visit in January or February, when prey is scarce for the lions, and you're more likely to witness and photograph a desperate hunt.

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